Changing the HIPAA/HITECH management mindset through our blueprint for Privacy & Security compliance.

  • Plan

    We transfer knowledge of HIPAA
    rules & requirements to manage
    your ongoing compliance effort.

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  • Implement

    We assist you in developing &
    implementing HIPAA compliant
    policies, procedures, & plans.

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  • Document

    We assure audit readiness
    by providing online evidence

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Susan Pretnar : CEO

"Our goal is to assure policies, procedures & detailed plans that satisfy HIPAA & HITECH requirements are both reasonable & appropriate based on the practice complexity."

Strategic HIPAA Risk Management Plans

Compliant is not doing an assessment or completing a checklist

Covered entities & their business associates must go beyond risk assessment and analysis of controls/standards that are present or missing in their business operations. What gaps pose the greatest risk in your organization? A reasonable and appropriate plan should be in place to resolve gaps in your operations based upon your size and complexity. Plan for a culture of awareness.

Transfer of Knowledge

HIPAA Requirements/ Rules/ Regulations

The Problem with self assessment and checklists for many businesses is a knowledge gap exists around HIPAA/HITECH requirements and regulations. Mastering HIPAA/HITECH rules and examing technology solutions is often overwhelming to an already time constrained manager. The HIPAA/HITECH Express blueprint includes extensive guidance to allow you to master your risk management program.



How Our Solution Works:

We take the complexities out of meeting HIPAA requirements by creating a step-by-step solution to help you identify & prioritize gaps in compliance

  • Compliance Guidance (Virtual Security Officer)
  • Prioritized Risk Management Plan
  • Built in Strategic Risk Mitigation Work Flow
  • Risk Remediation Assistance
  • Transfer Knowledge of HIPAA rules & requirements
  • Documentation of HIPAA compliance effort
  • Satisfy Key Meaningful Use Requirement

Remediating Risk Gaps

Reducing Exposure

Our solutions are based upon experience and allow you to focus on high priority risks. Industry best practices, rigorous project management and a guided workplan reduce business exposure.

  • Financial impacts –Fines, loss of revenue
  • Social impacts – business reputation, patient identity theft
  • Operation impacts- breach resolution, Fraud

Documented Evidence

Audit Readiness

Reducing breach exposure and being prepared for audit scrutiny requires documenting the planned and implemented risk management program. A secure document library holds evidence to support ongoing risk remediation efforts.

  • Remove willful neglect possibility
  • Organized structure
  • Instant accessibility

Ongoing Risk Management

A journey not an event

An online program management tool supports the ongoing risk management efforts in a cost effective reliable manner.

  • Centralized documentation
  • Managing tasks
  • Tracking progress


Meaningful Use Compliance

Satisfies Core Set requirements for compliance with HIPAA privacy & security rules.

  • 45 CFR 164.308(a)(1)